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Elune – Best Heroes (Elunes) Tier List

Best Elunes Tier List

SFahrenheit Hero Icon EluneMikazuki Hero Icon EluneFreya Hero Icon EluneWei Wei Hero Icon Elune
AKang Rim Hero Icon EluneBaldr Hero Icon EluneOwen Hero Icon EluneArslan Hero Icon EluneChloe Vann Hero Icon EluneEris Hero Icon EluneCaroline Hero Icon EluneReve Hero Icon EluneStella Hero Icon EluneReina Hero Icon Elune
BKai Hero Icon EluneMiho Hero Icon EluneFabian Hero Icon EluneLescar Hero Icon EluneEnme Hero Icon EluneGaonsari Hero Icon EluneMcCarthy Hero Icon EluneLam Hero Icon EluneSeraphine Hero Icon EluneBaek Wanjo Hero Icon EluneSally Hero Icon EluneMana Hero Icon EluneNyx Hero Icon EluneNika Hero Icon EluneLulu Hero Icon Elune
CSedna Hero Icon EluneBaron J Hero Icon EluneLilith Hero Icon EluneVictoria Hero Icon EluneTaya Hero Icon EluneMichelle Hero Icon EluneIsha Hero Icon EluneEun Hero Icon EluneCatherine Hero Icon EluneSkadi Hero Icon EluneCharlotte Hero Icon Elune

Ranking Criteria, Tips & Tricks

This Elune tier list ranks the best heroes, known as Elunes, in tiers based on how powerful and or useful they are. Intel gathered to put this tier list together consists of data from the Elune subreddit, as well as opinions from experienced players of the game. However, as the game is still in an early phase, we expect this tier list to change a fair bit. Furthermore, we haven’t included all Elite and Rare Elunes, as we haven’t found any sources who have been able to test all Elunes yet. Therefore, we welcome input on which rank you believe certain Elunes should have, even those we’ve already put on the list.

When creating your team in Elune, we recommend considering more than the individual potential of each Elune. Roles and synergy often triumph the power of a single unit. However, this tier list is great guidance when looking for Elunes to fill specific roles. Notice, this is an overall tier list, which enables players to quickly gain an overview of the potential of Elunes.

What is Elune?

Elune is a strategy turn-based RPG mobile game developed by Gamevil. The objective of the game is to beat levels of enemy units and powerful bosses. Characters in Elune are known as Elunes, of which there is more than 100 total for players to collect.