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Overwatch – Best Heroes Tier List

Best Heroes Tier List

SReinhardt Hero Icon OverwatchAna Hero Icon OverwatchMoira Hero Icon Overwatch
AZarya Hero Icon OverwatchHanzo Hero Icon OverwatchBaptiste Hero Icon OverwatchReaper Hero Icon OverwatchWinston Hero Icon OverwatchMcCree Hero Icon OverwatchOrisa Hero Icon OverwatchD.Va Hero Icon Overwatch
BSombra Hero Icon OverwatchMercy Hero Icon OverwatchRoadhog Hero Icon OverwatchTracer Hero Icon OverwatchLucio Hero Icon OverwatchJunkrat Hero Icon OverwatchZenyatta Hero Icon OverwatchTorbjorn Hero Icon OverwatchPharah Hero Icon OverwatchGenji Hero Icon OverwatchSymmetra Hero Icon Overwatch
CAshe Hero Icon OverwatchBrigitte Hero Icon OverwatchWrecking Ball Hero Icon OverwatchSoldier 76 Hero Icon OverwatchDoomfist Hero Icon OverwatchWidowmaker Hero Icon Overwatch
DBastion Hero Icon OverwatchMei Hero Icon Overwatch

Ranking Criteria

This tier list ranks heroes from Overwatch in tiers based on their performance in-game, value on a team, power, supportive capabilities, etc. We’ve put all heroes on the same list as to make it easier for players to quickly get an overview of each hero’s individual potential. Therefore, we recommend you keep roles in mind using this tier list, as some team benefits more from a hero that fills a specific role than a higher-tiered one. In order to put this tier list together, we’ve gathered intel from stats from several well-respected lists, forums, and players. These stats have been mathematically processed to find an average tier of each hero, and thereby, we believe, the most accurate representation of each hero’s potential.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a popular first-person shooter created by Blizzard. The objective of the game is to beat the enemy team by completing various objectives. Teamwork is essential in Overwatch, as well as the composition of heroes, as each hero fills specific roles all with unique abilities. Since its release, Overwatch has become a major game within the professional e-sports scene with several major tournaments each year.