Paladins – Best Champions Tier List

Paladins – Best Champions Tier List

Best Champions Tier List

SAtlas Champion Icon PaladinsCassie Champion Icon PaladinsInara Champion Icon PaladinsMal Damba Champion Icon PaladinsMakoa Champion Icon Paladins
AAsh Champion Icon PaladinsBomb King Champion Icon PaladinsKhan Champion Icon PaladinsJenos Champion Icon PaladinsEvie Champion Icon PaladinsYing Champion Icon PaladinsLian Champion Icon PaladinsTorvald Champion Icon PaladinsFuria Champion Icon PaladinsBarik Champion Icon Paladins
BSeris Champion Icon PaladinsWillo Champion Icon PaladinsViktor Champion Icon PaladinsSha Lin Champion Icon PaladinsKoga Champion Icon PaladinsImani Champion Icon PaladinsPip Champion Icon PaladinsFernando Champion Icon PaladinsKinessa Champion Icon PaladinsGrover Champion Icon PaladinsVivian Champion Icon PaladinsDrogoz Champion Icon PaladinsLo Champion Icon PaladinsTyra Champion Icon PaladinsRuckus Champion Icon PaladinsStrix Champion Icon PaladinsMaeve Champion Icon PaladinsLex Champion Icon Paladins
CZhin Champion Icon PaladinsTerminus Champion Icon PaladinsGrohk Champion Icon PaladinsTalus Champion Icon PaladinsAndroxus Champion Icon PaladinsDredge Champion Icon Paladins
DMoji Champion Icon PaladinsBuck Champion Icon PaladinsSkye Champion Icon Paladins

Ranking Criteria, Tips & Tricks

This Paladins tier list ranks the best champions in tiers based on how useful they are in-game. Notice, this is a tier list for PC players, not console players. Because of the playstyle with a controller, champions would be ranked differently was this a console tier list. Furthermore, this tier list looks at the usefulness of each champion from a high level/pro-level point of view, so casual players might find other champions to be superior to those in the highest tier on our list. Intel gathered in order to put this tier list together consists of data from the Paladins pro-scene, the Paladins subreddit, and other influential Paladins players. As always, we recommend considering other factors such as team setup and roles when choosing your champion, as team synergy often outshine individual champion potential.

Paladins eSports

Paladins like many other games wants to break into the competitive eSports scene with tournaments and related events. Already now you can watch a movie just added to day on all sorts of games, including Paladins. Even though their competitive scene hasn’t evolved much yet, there are still plenty of content creators making videos on the game.

What is Paladins?

Paladins is a first-person online shooter game in which players battle against other players. In each game, players pick one of more than 40 heroes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. The objective of each game varies depending on the game mode. However, in general, the team with superior teamwork and mechanical skills stand victorious. The developer of Paladins is Hi-Rez Studios, who released this title back in September of 2016.