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Langrisser – Best Units Tier List

Best Units Tier List

STiaris Unit Icon LangrisserLiana Unit Icon LangrisserFeraquea Unit Icon LangrisserLana Unit Icon Langrisser
ABozel Unit Icon LangrisserAltemuller Unit Icon LangrisserCherie Unit Icon LangrisserElwin Unit Icon LangrisserLeon Unit Icon LangrisserVargas Unit Icon LangrisserLanford Unit Icon LangrisserHein Unit Icon LangrisserJugler Unit Icon LangrisserLedin Unit Icon Langrisser
BShelfaniel Unit Icon LangrisserEgbert Unit Icon LangrisserSophia Unit Icon LangrisserChris Unit Icon LangrisserLuna Unit Icon LangrisserDieharte Unit Icon LangrisserKirikaze Unit Icon LangrisserAngelina Unit Icon LangrisserBernhardt Unit Icon LangrisserLester Unit Icon LangrisserLiffany Unit Icon LangrisserAlmeda Unit Icon LangrisserFreya Unit Icon Langrisser
CMatthew Unit Icon LangrisserSilver Wolf Unit Icon LangrisserNarm Unit Icon LangrisserGrenier Unit Icon LangrisserEmerick Unit Icon LangrisserImelda Unit Icon Langrisser
DLewin Unit Icon LangrisserLance Unit Icon LangrisserSonya Unit Icon LangrisserJessica Unit Icon Langrisser

Ranking Criteria

This tier list ranks the best heroes from Langrisser in tiers based on how useful they are on a team. Factors such as power, value on a team, place in the meta are taken into consideration when putting together this list. Furthermore, this list is heavily influenced by the Chinese Langrisser community. In a game like Langrisser, you have to consider more than individual potential when choosing which characters to bring on your adventure. Synergies and certain combos can overpower purely going for the highest tiered units. However, we firmly believe this tier list is great guidance when looking for specific roles, or for new players looking for a general idea of the power of each hero.

What is Langrisser?

Langrisser is a popular strategy RPG mobile game. A major part of the game is acquiring new units, which is done through a random summoning feature. Therefore, this games falls under the gacha game category and is in fact a very popular game amongst this community. The developer behind this title is Zlongame. The first Langrisser game was released back in 1991 on the Mega Drive console, but the series has since then evolved to several games and all platform, including mobile.