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Maplestory – Class DPS Tier List

Best Class Tier List

SAngelic Buster Class Icon MaplestoryBowmaster Class Icon MaplestoryCadena Class Icon MaplestoryBlaster Class Icon MaplestoryAran Class Icon MaplestoryDawn Warrior Class Icon Maplestory
AWind Archer Class Icon MaplestoryPathfinder Class Icon MaplestoryNight Walker Class Icon MaplestoryHero Class Icon MaplestoryThunder Breaker Class Icon MaplestoryKaiser Class Icon MaplestoryDemon Avenger Class Icon MaplestoryBuccaneer Class Icon MaplestoryDemon Slayer Class Icon MaplestoryMarksman Class Icon MaplestoryIllium Class Icon MaplestoryKinesis Class Icon Maplestory
BMercedes Class Icon MaplestoryFire Poison Mage Class Icon MaplestoryDual Blade Class Icon MaplestoryCannoneer Class Icon MaplestoryMihile Class Icon MaplestoryEvan Class Icon MaplestoryCorsair Class Icon MaplestoryShadower Class Icon MaplestoryLuminous Class Icon MaplestoryBattle Mage Class Icon Maplestory
CWild Hunter Class Icon MaplestoryDark Knight Class Icon MaplestoryPaladin Class Icon MaplestoryMechanic Class Icon MaplestoryShade Class Icon MaplestoryXenon Class Icon MaplestoryNight Lord Class Icon MaplestoryArk Class Icon MaplestoryIce Lightning Mage Class Icon MaplestoryZero Class Icon MaplestoryBlaze Wizard Class Icon MaplestoryPhantom Class Icon Maplestory
DBishop Class Icon Maplestory

Ranking Criteria, Tips & Tricks

This tier list ranks classes from Maplestory in tiers purely based on their DPS. No other factor than damage alone is taken into consideration in this DPS tier list. If other factors such as useful abilities against bosses, mobbing potential, tankiness, and value in a party were taken into consideration, this tier list would be very different. Therefore, blindly following the above tiers is not a definite answer to the question, which class is the best. However, this tier list is still a good guide to follow in choosing what class to play. The DPS calculations for each class is carried out against a strawman dummy, making it very difficult to achieve the same level of damage against most bosses. This tier list uses the latest DPM chart from KMS patch 1.2.316, source.

DPS Chart

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What is Maplestory

Maplestory is one of the oldest MMORPGs out there. It was released back in April of 2003 and gone through several major updates since then. Furthermore, a plethora of new classes has been added to the game throughout the years, bringing the total number of classes to more than 40 classes. Maplestory is unlike many of today’s MMORPG games a 2-D sidescroller. Though Maplestory’s player base isn’t nearly as large as it was earlier, a loyal player base of considerable size still exists. The creator of this video game is Nexon.